Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back In the Hospital..

Well we are back Sunday night Karter woke up acting like he was really cold. But he didn't Have a fever. So i gave him some pain meds thinking he was in pain. So he went back to sleep. Then when i woke up at ten and Karter was still sound asleep. And just didn't want to wake up, so i called pcmc and they wanted labs drawn and to head up Monday. Well A hour or so later he got a fever. So they wanted to make sure he was stable to drive up. So we came up and the next morning they found he has a bacterial infection. So i hope we will get to go soon.


Heaps Family said...

I am sorry you are in the hospital but I must say it was so fun to see you and talk with you! I hope Karter gets better soon. For now, enjoy..hmm...lot's of TV? Theres good stuff on I am sure! ha ha Good Luck!

Joe and Aubrey said...

I'm so sorry Mal :( I hope he gets better soon. Hope to see you guys again soon!

jbbastian said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Karter. He is continually in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you all the best.