Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Night

So kipp got a ride up to salt lake on Friday night while Karter was in the hospital. And Sarah came up to stay with Karter. kipp and i got to have a night to our self's, We went to dinner at olive garden. And got a motel room at the Radisson. And it was so nice, You could see the temple and the state Capitol. It was so awesome we were on the 15th floor. kipp wanted to thank my parents for not really taking me to hotels Because i got excited like a little girl :) We had a nice night :) thanks babe love you.
We had a huge bed that was so soft. And a down comforter and soft pillows AWSOME!!!


Heaps Family said...

You deserve every second of relaxation! I am so happy you got to have some time ALONE together! What a fun time :)

The Quarnbergs said...

Glad you two got a night away! It is fun, even if you aren't anywhere exciting! Love you guys!