Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fishing up to kolob

Well this trip was kinda last minute on the way up the dog chewed up the pole but kipp still made it work. we did not catch anything but still had fun!! :)

Karter loves watching his dad! :)

Zoo & Lagoon

Karter, lacey and i went to Lagoon this summer with my aunt and her family. it was so much fun i was not sure how karter would do but he loved it so so much.. and wanted to keep going on rides. :)

Kipp Karter and i went to the zoo one day kipp had off. it was so fun and karter loved it and did not want to leave. he Loved the train but my batteries died so i didn't get alot of pics. But it was fun to do something as a family.

Halloween 2010

Karter was a golfer this year and i must say he looked so stinking cute!! and he loved it :) Grandma Paula came down this year and we had a blast with her.. we go over to kipp aunt Deanna's and they block off the street and it is just so nice.

Karters 3rd birthday!!

Oh how sad i am my baby is 3..ha had a really good birthday we did it on his bmt birthday. and did his bmt birthday in his real birthday!! lol he has been sooo in to trains so he got train cake, train cloths, trains. it was such a nice day and alot of family. Love you karter i cant belive your 3.

Thriller 2010

This was my first time going and it was so fun. my mom, Lacey and i got to go. it was different because i just went to Tarzan and i liked Tarzan alot better. But it was still a ton of fun.. :)

Kipps work

So this is kipp running the concrete paver..he loves it. he work like 80+ hours a week. ya i know we don't get to do much. but he likes it so i cant complain. we are lucky he has a job and they are still able to pave.. I love him so much and so thankful that he work so hard for me and karter.

Pig race/ Farm

I am so behind on blogging.. i am sorry. First things first Karter had his 2 year bone marrow birthday. I cant believe it has been two years. He also turned 3 yes 3.. oh my word time has flew by. i will blog on all this but just has to catch everyone up. We moved to mt.pleasant, our house is still for sale but we NEEDED to be closer to kipp. He is working up on I-15 and never stops. My poor man is working like crazy. well that kinda whats been going on but have lots of posts ahead...

My mom and i took Karter to a petting farm thing. he loved it we got there just in time for the pig race and he would just yell go,go,go. it was really cute.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

karters year check up!

I know i am sorry i have not posted in along time. We went up to pcmc for karters check up in Aug, it went so good. his numbers are where they are suppose to be, he is 100% Doner, he is growing like crazy, and nothing at all to worry about. we could not be happier its just a huge relief to know that every thing is going good. i could go up every month just here them say he is doing good.:) he is having some speech trouble so he is getting some help with that but other that that he is GREAT.. I cant believe it has almost been TWO love him more than i know what to do with. and don't know what i would do with out him. i want to thank my grandma and grandpa carter for putting his name in the Temple all the time and praying for him every day..we love you guys very very much. And for all the help from everyone else and all the prayers we have had to get this far.. THANK YOU!!!

While we were up there we got meet another family that is going through the same thing. it was hard to know someone else is going through what we had to. I hope she gets better and does as well as Karter. your in our prayers Jaylee.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karter friend!

This is Emma Karters first best friend (girl friend ). They really play so good together. and she comes to him and says wanna hug. :) But they are moving to salt lake, its going to be so different with out them there. Its really kinda sad. But i am glad they get to move on. Good bye to some good neighbours.

Monday, July 19, 2010


We had so so much fun going up to electric lake with my dad and Sarah. Karter love his fishing pole and then he dropped it in the lake... But we still had fun and got alot of fish... ( don't mind karters flower power) :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

our new member!!!

this is Sadie this is our gift from papa Kendall!! she is so sweet..and a good dog...But she is but we love her!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

what one year changes!

This is how good my little angel is doing!!! (awesome) This pic is 2010 Easter! This one is 2009 Easter! crazy how much he has changed!

I cant explain how much i love this little boy, He is my everything!!!!!!

Toquerville Falls!

Sunday us and Dut and Lacey went up to the falls, we had a bbq it was so fun but windy. Karter just wanted to get close to the water(that freaked me out) When we were getting ready to leave a bunch of people came to go swimming. They had like 3 little dogs and one fell down the big waterfall that you cant see in the pic. But it was ok! :) it was nice to go some where new.
Dont mind mine and karters hair it was windy! and Karter had a nap!

Karter like jumping to his dad!


I know its been forever since my last post! (sorry) well this year kipp and i went out to the sand dunes for Easter and left Karter at my dads. Well we didn't get to do Easter with him so we did it this Sunday!! :) a week later! :/ Well he loved coloring eggs and Loved to find them! :) we had a good two Easters!!!

Every year kipp always puts the stickers all over karter!!

He is saying CHEESE!!!

Happy 2010 Easter!!!!