Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little update!!

K so Jill called me today and asked whats going on. I have not been good at updating SORRY. So we were hoping that we are getting out FRIDAY!!! But ( yes always a BUT. ) He has been kinda grumpy so i was looking in his mouth and it looked like there was sores. I had Hillary come in and she said there are sores all over, I have had a canker, so i might of gave him them :( I fill so bad. So i hope we still get to go. We are going CRAZY here. But here are some pics i have.

this is Lilly she is huge ans so sweet!!!

This is my fat little boy :)

This is armstrong!!!


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Heaps Family said...

when I mentioned talking with you to Hillary I could tell she was I know why! Just remember he got rid of them once, he will do it again! Don't beat yourself up over possibly giving it to him...It doesn't matter! Christmas time is full of miracles and I am sure Santa is coming Karters way!!!!