Thursday, December 11, 2008


So i have not been really good at updating, I have been thinking and wishing that we were getting out soon. So this is whats gone on. We got out of the picu on Thursday, He was doing good he got to get out of his room. He loved it he just points at his mask to go out. Its kinda good he knows that he has to have it on to go out, He will be wearing it ALOT!!

He was driving with his foot!!

On Sunday he started being really upset all the time. And each day just got worse, So on Wednesday they sent us back down to the picu. Now they are trying a new antibiotic to see if that helps. If not the will have to do a biopsy in his throat, And he will have to be intubated & paralyzed. So we really don't want that.


justinandtaya said...

Oh my gosh Mal. I want you to know that your family is in our prayers and we wish you the best of luck and health. Please let me know if there is anything, anything at all that you need. I am more than willing to help. God Bless and Good Luck!

Heaps Family said...

FAITH, FAITH, FAITH!!!! He is going to be OK!!!!

Annalee and Buck said...

What a fighter! and he really does look so cute in his mask, it's too bad he has to have it. It's good to hear how he's doing. :) Good luck

The Christiansen's said...

I'm sorry Mal, things will get better soon he is in a lot of prayers including ours! I so wish you guys could have one too, Karter would love one! we can sale the male for pretty cheap (just for you guys) when is his 100 day mark? you just let me know and we will see what we can do! and if you guys need anything else, if you need us to check on anything in Hurricane for you we are always there!