Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little update!!

Well i have been so bad at updating my blog, But we have done some fun stuff i just forgot my camera. We went out to this farm and did a corn maze and karter got to see all the farm animals. And he loved it!! The hat he has on is so funny and he wears it all the time! He also got a new hair cut that's so cute. We took him to the DR here in st.George, and he has some bronchitis. But is doing Awesome :) Hope you all have a Happy SAFE Halloween!!


Brittany said...

he is so dang cute mal. i cant wait for a little one ;)

im glad that we got to talk. im sorry if i made you feel bad, that wasnt why i told you. lol. i hope that we can work on things and both be better friends to eachother! haha

Janel Obray said...

LOVE the hat! Thanks for a fun time at the movies the other night. I will talk to you soon. If you need anything or another girls night let me know!O... Karl is doing A LOT better. Thanks for asking.