Monday, September 21, 2009

a little wink and a big help!

This is karters wink. it is so funny to watch him try and do it!
Kipp and his friend kendall were changing a bike tire and karter wanted to help. He was right there the hole time with the tools in hand ready to help..

He got so dirty.


Ranell and Brandon said...

He is so cute! I love when they get interested in whatever dad is doing. He's gonna be a little mr. fix-it too. I bet it was fun scrubbing the grease off those little hands!

Janel Obray said...

We are almost done with the house so we will be close soon! I can not wait! Are goal is to move in by the 1st. We need to hang out soon, I am going crazy!

Brittany said...

Hey Mal, how are ya? Your blog is way cute. I finally got one up. I put it off forever. Your boy is way cute! Hope you're doing good. If you want check it out.

p.s. tell me if my dress looks familiar ;) haha