Monday, March 23, 2009

little update

Ok well we got out of the hospital on Thursday and went to my dads and spent the weekend. And went home Sunday, Had a good week at home. Came back up to pcmc on Friday for a check up and he was getting some more tummy problems but they let us go. we went to lost creek Saturday and headed back up to pcmc at 1 in the morn with a fever. we are still here. he is doing good no more fevers they just wanted to keep us 48 hours. the Dr today said they have had kids come in with this and almost die. Yea that's a nice filling but We are very careful so i try not to worried. Sorry its so short and no pics but Karter is really a unhappy camper so cant leave for to long. I hope i will get to post some pics soon.


Cory and Lacey Jo said...

Oh my word Mal... I hope he gets feeling better, I am so sorry. LOVE YOU ALL

Heaps Family said...

I am SO sorry you have been going through all this! I asked a nurse in clinic if you had gone home and they said yes...that was last Monday! I am SO sorry! I hope he gets to go home soon. You are in our prayers.

The Bueges said...

I Am So Sorry I hope he gets feeling better We our thinking of you always love lots

p.s. Im supposed to tell that girl HI from Kellon LOL;)