Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Away!

This my grandma and grandpa Carter, I love them so much they have helped us out ALOT. I am really close to them because they helped my dad out when i was little, so they have been around alot. Love you two!!


Beck's said...

Mal thanks for venturing out with Karter to the viewing. It was awesome of you three to come. It was so fitting that things turned out the way they should have. We have both won our fights in different ways, in great ways. We have had many thoughts and prayers said in both of our families behalf. We love you karter and kipp. Please let us know if you need something..

Cory and Lacey Jo said...

Aw, these are such cute pictures. Karter looks really good!! So do you as always, and you gotta love the grandparents always- they're the best :)Love You All!!

jami said...

hey mal, i have a picture with your name on it i need to send you but i can't get my address book, throw me your email and i'll send it to ya
love you!