Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Thank you sooooooooo much SALINA ELEMENTARY!! Kipp Karter and I are so thankful for this, we don't know how we could ever repay all of you.
for all of you who don't know about this Kipps mom (Paula that we love so much i could not ask for better mother in law. love you Paula) is the Secretary at salina elementary. And they gave this to her the other day at school, She did not know they had it in the library. there was a book that all the staff signed, and jug of money that the students and staff put in Money. It is so awesome We want to give you all a big thank you !! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas.


Jd & Katie said...

That is awesome!! One of my best friends lives in Salina. That is crazy what a small world. Hope you have a great christmas!

Heaps Family said...

Isn't it amazing to feel so loved! It is so humbling when you realize how many people care about you! I am so glad they did this for you! Your trees are so cute! It looks like you are really enjoying life away from the hospital!!! When we went to Temple Square Emily wore her mask when we were walking through crowds but when we were away from everyone we gave her a break. It is beautiful..Karter would probably LOVE it! Our home health is IHC..who is yours? I hope they are doing a good job. I have had a few frustrations but overall it's been fine.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend. I am so happy for you guys. Tell Karter to keep up the good work!